Explore your possibilities with Embodiment Motion

Embodiment Motion is not just a movement practice. It's an exploration of how we've evolved from the very first days of our existence.

The way we live our day-to-day lives is a reflection of what we went through during the conception, implantation, prenatal, birth and perinatal time. 
Our conscious mind doesn't remember that experience but our cellular memory does.
Body is a gate and the key at the same time.

Explore new ways of acceptance with Embodiment Motion.



With dancing and movement practice you align with your inner power and truth within. It is a playful expression of who you are in the very core of your existance. 



Embrace your potential through the Birth&Embodiment practice. Discover what experience forms your NOW by entering body memory.



Growing community worldwide. Support in challenging times. Events and online events you can attend to stay in touch with your tribe and yourself.

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